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Ultrasound Gel 5 Litre Container (Clear)

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Hypoallergenic, water soluble gel for use with all types of ultrasound machines, it also can be used with cavitation, radio frequency and weight loss equipment. The consistency is specially formulated to act as a coupling agent and reduce static when using a Doppler, especially for fetal development images. The gel is also acoustically efficient to transmit effectively the range of ultrasound frequencies being used. Hypoallergenic Water Soluble For external use Size: 5 Litre
Ultrasound Gel 5 Litre Container (Clear)
More Information
Pack Quantity N/A
Case Quantity 2
Brand USG
Pallet Quantity N/A
per case No
Outer Case Height (cm) 28
Own Branding Available Yes
Outer Case Width (cm) 13
Outer case Weight (g) 5060
Outer Case Depth (cm) 18
Only Sold Per Pallet No
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