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Pre-Injection Swabs (100)

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Non-woven fabric swab saturated with 70% isopropyl Alcohol which has disinfectant properties. The isopropyl alcohol not only cleanses but lowers the bacteriological count in the skin prior to injection administration. The swabs also ensure greater adhesion for plasters and dressings. Each wipe is individually sealed for sterility. Sterile Individually wrapped Swab size: 30mm x 60mm Pack size: 100
Pre-Injection Swabs (100)
More Information
Pack Quantity 100
Case Quantity 100
Pallet Quantity N/A
per case No
Outer Case Height (cm) 5.5
Own Branding Available No
Outer Case Width (cm) 5
Outer case Weight (g) 95
Outer Case Depth (cm) 10
Only Sold Per Pallet No
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